Calendar Photo Guidelines

Photo Subjects

  1. We like to feature photos that focus on the rural lifestyle and the beauty of our local landscapes. These can include photos of farming or ranching activities, farm animals, wildlife, landscapes, or nature photos.

Submitting Your Photos

  1. Photos can be emailed to
  2. Photos must be received by September 30 to be considered for the following year's calendar
  3. Please include your preferred caption and photo credit information in your email
  4. By submitting your photo, you give THE BACK FORTY a non-exclusive license to publish your photo in our future calendars, as well as in advertisements promoting the calendar. A photo credit will be included with every image.

Selected Photos & Prizes

  1. Selected photos will be featured in our wall calendar
  2. If your photo is selected you will receive a $25 gift certificate for THE BACK FORTY

Photo Guidelines

  1. ASPECT RATIO: Photos should be taken horizontally
  2. RESOLUTION: Photos should be a minimum of approximately 3600 pixels x 2900 pixels. File size should be at least 2.5 - 3 MB.
  3. FORMAT: Photos in RAW format are preferable, but JPEG photos are fine.
  4. EDITING: Please send your original, unedited photos.


  1. Clean your camera or phone lens to ensure the sharpest image
  2. Get close to your subject and fill the frame when taking your image - this will provide a higher resolution image compared to cropping a section out of a larger photo
  3. Send the original copy of your photo that has been saved to your device or the cloud - images that have been uploaded to social media will be downsized and not suitable for printing